During the summer vacation of 2024, customers of the Myopia Management Program for School Children can enjoy free trial fittings of myopia control soft contact lens or OK lens (Orthokeratology) and even special discounts! During the summer vacation of 2024, customers of the Myopia Management Program for School Children can enjoy free trial fittings of myopia control soft contact lens or OK lens (Orthokeratology) and even special discounts!
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Comprehensive eye examination - iCare's aspiration!

全面眼科視光檢查 - 係 iCare Eyecare 護眼.家嘅初心! - iCARE EYECARE  護眼·家

People do not understand what a comprehensive eye examination is and how important it is. When they have blurred vision, they would only go for a simple refraction test, a.k.a. an eyesight test, and get a new pair of eyeglasses at any optical shop. Performing an accurate refraction test and giving you crystal clear, comfortable vision with eyeglasses are people's basic expectations for their opticians in the old days. College-graduated optometrists, who have received all-rounded optometry training, can offer you more than just proper eyesight correction. Indeed, they could apply their professional knowledge acquired in school to protect your eye health (maybe even your general health in certain circumstances) and to educate you on how to take better care of your own!

After all, our eyesight is our dominant sense that we perceive the world, receiving no less than 80% of the information from external. And everyone knows that we only have a pair of precious eyes that is irreplaceable with current, maybe even foresable technology (Dr. Marco has a handful of experiences as he was previously a scientist specialized in regenerative medicine!). Is it not worthy of keeping our eyes in its best possible condition?

Just like annual physical and dental health checkups, annual comprehensive eye exam is the first line of defense for your eye health. Through detailed consultation and various careful optometric assessments, including the traditional refraction test, color vision test, binocular functions test, biomicroscopy, corneal topography and fundoscopy, as well as the modern technology-assisted testings such as ocular optical biometry, dynamic and sports vision analyser and optical tomography (OCT), etc., optometrists can get to know the details of your eyes' structure and functions, and then decide whether they can manage your condition with proper eyeglasses prescription or visual training; or whether they will have to refer you to medical specialists for more in-depth investigation and medical intervention.

The exams for infants and young children will mainly focus on congenital visual and developmental disorders such as high refractive differences between the eyes (a.k.a. Anisometropia) and congenital strabismus. Optometrists will also spend extra attention on rare but serious eye conditions such as retinoblastoma and congenital glaucoma. For preschoolers, optometrists will focus on their functions- and learning-related visual functions, such as colour vision, eye sensorimotor and binocular functions. These days, parents are also very concerned about the so-called epidemic of school-age myopia. College-trained optometrists are also well-trained in evidence-based myopia management that can consolidate long-term eye health of kids.

Exams for adults and seniors will determine whether their visual function changes are due to inevitable aging process such as presbyopia, or they are possibly caused by common eye diseases such as cataracts, glaucoma, age-related macular degeneration, and manifestation of systemic diseases such as diabetes and hypertension. Through detailed eye examinations, optometrists could possibly red-flag the sudden onset of one's crossed eyes as an ocular manifestation of a brain tumor and a central serous chorioretinopathy in the eye may be related to chronic gastritis caused by Helicobacter Pylori infection, etc. All these can raise people's concern about their own health and wellness!

Dr. Marco founded iCare Eyecare with its mission: keep your eyes, promote your wellness, sharpen your edge! So when you come for your comprehensive eye exam at iCare, please do not puzzle why it takes so long. At the end of the day, we must be better safe than sorry when it comes to your precious sight and wellness!


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