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Primary Eyecare Exam

People's choice!

50 min

Analytical Eyecare Exam

A more in-depth analysis of your eye health condition in just a few blinks! *Recommend for the highly myopic (>-5.0D) or those who have a family history of ocular conditions such as maculopathy and glaucoma.
$1080/1 hr

Seniors Eyecare Exam

Eyecare exam tailored for the seniors.

$600/1hr 10min

Preschoolers Vision Assessment

An essential eyecare exam for kids 2.5-year-old and above.

$400/40 min

Childhood & Adolescence Myopia Management

Consultation on personalized myopia management strategy, and prescription of evidence-based myopia control lenses, including DIMS, Multifocal Soft Contact Lenses, and orthokeratology (Ortho-K)

$880 and up/1hr 10

Professional Refraction & Dispensing

Are you sure this is all you want? People are inclined to choose our primary eyecare exam!

$300/20 min

Contact Lens Fitting

Seriously, a contact lens is not like a dress that you can just buy from a grocery store!! Don't you think your precious eyes deserve a better care??

$480 and up/45 min

Binocular & Sport Vision Consultation & Training

Boost your sports and learning performance!

$680 and up/40 min

Dry Eye/Digital Eye Strain Consultation

Ouch, electronic devices kill my eyes!

$480 and up/40 min

General Follow-up

Don't worry, many conditions are manageable!

$480 and up/40 min