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Our clinic's clock decoration is the perfect visual representation of a primary eye care exam, and you won't find it anywhere else. Its unique and informative design will give you a greater understanding of what to expect during your next eye care appointment. Don't hesitate to visit our clinic today and see it for yourself! This clock decor installed in our clinic describes a primary eye care exam in a nutshell: a complete analysis of your personal health history, a concise yet precise assessment of your eyes’ structure and functions, our optimal prescription to ensure the best visual outcome, and our advice to enhance your overall health and wellness.

Professional Services

Primary Optometric Eyecare

iCare Eyecare has equipped with cutting-edge technology such as a medical-grade retinal imaging facility, optical coherence topographer (OCT), and the revolutionary cloud-based automatic eye tracking platform, RightEye Sensorimotor System(TM), allowing for our precise diagnosis and monitoring of many eye conditions.

Childhood-onset Myopia Management

It is now a consensus that high myopia certainly increases the risk of various blindness-causing conditions. Therefore, evidence-based approaches to delay the onset and alleviate the progression of myopia in kids will definitely promote their lifelong eye health.

Professional Eyeglasses & Contact Lenses Prescription

Life is too short for nasty glasses and contact lenses! We carry a wide range of stylish frames and quality ophthalmic lenses like Essilor, Hoya, Nikon and Tokai to suit your specific needs and styles in different settings. For contact lenses, we offer our clients ready-made lenses from companies such as B&L, CooperVision, Seed Japan, and also the individually-made, personalized lenses by Mark'ennovy.

Customer Testimonials

Thank you Dr Marco for helping me find out that my previous optometrist had made a big mistake of mixing up my left and right eyes with my glasses. His in-depth check also allowed me to better understand how to take care of my eyes

Very professional and detail-oriented. Absolutely an experience of a superior par!

Very good service. Dr. Kong is very professional. He gave me so many advices on contact lenses & cleansing solution, especially customer-made contact lenses which definitely helped me find the best lenses

My previous optician gave me an over-minus prescription and I had been so tired with the previous glasses. Dr Marco found it our, prescribed me the most precise pair. It just works like a charm and the price is also very reasonable!

My sons previously adopted myopia-control eyedrops when they became myopic initially, but the effects were not good enough. Dr. Marco later prescribed them myopia-control glasses and contact lenses. Their myopia growth has slowed down a lot since then. I am grateful for that! Thanks, Marco!

Dr. Marco is super attentive. My 12 years old daughter was having her OK lenses prescribed at iCare Eyecare last year. Dr. Marco was very patient when instructing her. I would strongly recommend iCare Eyecare for sure!

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