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Primary Eyecare Exam
Keep your eyes; promote your wellness!
HK$880 / 50-65 min

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Observing peoples' eyes can give us important cues their general health. A comprehensive primary eye care exam is, therefore, more than just about vision, but in some cases, it could save lives! See this BBC news report about a case of brain tumor initially revealed by an eye examination.

A good picture is worth a thousand words! Our primary eyecare exam includes a basic non-invasive optical coherent tomographer (OCT) scan for your eyes' macula (aka. yellow spot), so as to ensure that the most important part of your precious central vision is hassle-free.

2.5 to 6 years old Preschoolers Vision Assessment
A Must-Do for young Kids from 2.5 to 6 years old
HK$500 / 40 min

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An essential assessment to ensure that your beautiful monsters are free of common eye abnormalities.

Common abnormal conditions include: amblyopia (a.k.a lazy eye 弱視), crossed eyes (斜視), significant refractive errors, such as long-sightedness (遠視), early-onet short-sightedness (近視) and astigmatism (散光)

Early diagnosis and appropriate management of the above abnormalities promote normal visual and overall development of your beloved kids.

Childhood-onset Myopia Management
Promote lifelong eye health!
HK$980 and up / 60-80 min

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The global prevalence of myopia (近視) is increasing significantly.
High myopia certainly increases the risk of various blindness-causing conditions such as Myopic Macular Degeneration (MMD, 近視性黃斑部病變), retinal detachment (RD, 視網膜脫落) and cataract (白內障).
Therefore, evidence-based approaches to delay the onset and alleviate the progression of myopia in kids will promote their lifelong eye health. Scientific research "supports" myopia management regimes that we offer:
1. The award-winning Hoya/HK PolyU-invented "Hoya MiyoSmart/Defocus Incorporated Multiple Segments, DIMS" spectacle lenses (多區正向光學離焦鏡片) and the Essilor Stellest
2. Defocus-incorporated Soft Contact Lens (光學離焦軟性隱形眼鏡) such as DISC-SH(PolyU-invented), MiSight (CooperVision, "FDA approved"), and the revolutionary "VTI NatureVue"
3. Orthokeratology (Ortho-K, 角膜矯形術, OK鏡)

To watch a TEDx about myopia

Squint, Binocular, Dynamic & Sports Vision Consultation
A revolutionary web-based automated eye tracker, RightEye sensorimotor system (TM) is housed in iCare for our systematic analysis of your eyes' movement. Based on his expert interpretation, Dr. Marco will tailor the best possible vision therapy to improve your dynamic vision and sports performance.
$1180 and up / 70 min


Our world is far from static. From driving a car to reading a book and beyond, life's most basic activities require a complex range of dynamic vision skills - skills that an eye chart alone cannot measure. When these skills are out of sync, it can impact you in big and often unexpected ways.

Give us 10 minutes to find out if you have an underlying dynamic vision impairment - and help transform your life!

Seniors Eyecare Exam
Happy sight, happy life!
HK$680 / 60 min

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Aging is a risk factor of many sight-affecting conditions such as cataract (白內障) and age-related maculopathy (ARM) (老年黃斑病變). Many of these conditions are, however, manageable when detected and treated early on. Having perfect sight and wellness can certainly promote your active lifestyle as a 21st-century senior.

iCare Eyecare is an authorized Healthcare Service Provider under the Elderly HealthCare Voucher Scheme (HCVS) of the government of HKSAR. Eligible seniors can use their vouchers to settle the service fee of their eyecare exam and also the fee of their prescription eyeglasses deemed to be able to enhance their vision and promotehealthy aging.

Professional Eyesight Test, Eyeglasses & Contact Lenses Fitting
Self-esteem Pumping
HK$300 and up / 20-40 min

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Life is too short for nasty glasses and contact lenses! We carry a wide range of stylish frames and quality ophthalmic lenses to suit your specific needs and styles in different settings. For contact lenses, we professionally fit our clients ready-made lenses from companies such as B&L, CooperVision, Seed Japan, and also the individually-made, personalized lenses by Mark'ennovy.

Dry Eye/Digital Eye Strain Consultation & Management
An Adverse Impact of Digital Gadgets
HK$580 and up / 40 min

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Anyone can be affected, but female and extensive users of electronic devices are more prone to the trouble.

We offer expert evaluation and optometric management of these annoying conditions.